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Halloween Series : 20's Silent movie make-up tutorial with a twist

Halloween Series : 20's Silent movie make-up tutorial with a twist 

So here is my first Halloween make-up tutorial for this year. I hope I'll be able to make more Halloween looks than last year. Halloween isn't really something I'm 100% following to be honest. I love watching other people do looks for it on youtube (Goldiestarling, Iwanted2c1video, Letzmakeup and HollywoodNoirMakeup are wonderful at doing those), but I'm not a fan of doing them for some reasons. 
I think the main reason why I'm not really into it is because I'm allergic to liquid latex... which sucks because I can't do any crazy zombie looks and such. I'd love to but I just can't ! :( And we don't celebrate Halloween in France at all, so I guess I don't feel the craziness around it. 

Anyway ! This year I decided to do a modern twist on the classic 20's Silent movie make-up. Classic 20's make-up is something I'm not a fan of, I think 20's make-up were ugly to be honest. But I loved the modern twist that Pat McGrath did for one of Galliano's fashion week. It inspired me a lot for this look. 

First things first, the face was super matte and very light so don't be afraid to use a lighter and high coverage foundation. (unless you're a woman of color - just stay with your regular foundation shade) That's the reason why I used a cream foundation by Make Up For Ever for this look, because it's very creamy and full coverage. Of course the face was super matte, but everything was matte in the 20's. 
For the eyebrows I changed the shape a little bit because I truly hate the very flat classic 20's shape, so I made them a little bit more rounded. I don't need to say that they were also very thin. 
Smoky eyes are coming from the 10's/20's, back in the days no need to say blendings were not that important. The shape was very heavy and made the eyes look quite tired. Main colors were black, sometimes very dark blue and white. Here I added some glitters on the lid because I don't like a full matte eye shadow look, to me it's all about balance. I also added some fake lashes on my top and bottom lashes. 
Blush wasn't the focus of 20's make-up, it was mostly contour but I wanted to do blush so I used a brownish pink matte blush. 
20's lips were very particular, heart shaped lips. Most of time they were deep purple so that's what I used to do mine. I did the classic Galliano's ombre bottom lips. 

I hope you'll enjoy this look and that it will help you for Halloween ! :)

List of products : 

- Face : 
-- CHANEL Le blanc de Chanel Sheer illuminating base 
-- Glue stick 
-- Kryolan Aqua color in White
-- Make Up For Ever Cream foundation
-- Paris Berlin Translucent powder 
-- Paris Berlin Eyebrow pencil in Black 
-- Make Up For Ever Eye seal 
-- Paris Berlin Black eye shadow 
-- Bobbi Brown Blush in Spice and Nectar

- Eyes : 
-- Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
-- Urban Decay The Black palette (Black dog eye shadow)
-- Paris Berlin eye shadows White, Grey and Black
-- Make Up For Ever Eye seal 
-- Fake lashes (from Japan no idea about their names sorry)
-- Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX mascara 
-- Make Up For Ever Diamond powder n°001 (white)

- Lips : 
-- NYX Lip pencil LPL10 Deep purple 

Here is the tutorial for this look : 

Hope you enjoyed ! 
Talk to you guys later ! :) 


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