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The Vampire Diaries - Season 4 - Elena / Katherine inspired dramatic make-up tutorial

The Vampire Diaries :
Season 4 - Elena / Katherine 
inspired dramatic make-up tutorial 

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Promo picture

Even if I'm 24, I'm still a fan of The Vampire Diaries and I can't wait for next thursday ! I'm looking forward to see Elena as a vampire and Klaus in Tyler's body (crazy sauce right ?). I guess the reason why I love TVD so much is because it reminds me of my craziness over Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I was a teenager. Back then I was obsessed with vampires and the impossible love between Angel and Buffy. I was a MAD fan of that show ! Pictures all over my bedroom, collecting them in magazines, even writing fan support letters to the actors,... well I was 13 so that explains a lot ! lol Now being 24 I'm obviously not gonna do that but I still enjoy a good vampire show ! 

Season 4 is gonna rock ! Especially for Delena (Damon/Elena), it's the beginning ! Don't be mad if you're a Stelena (Stefan/Elena) fan, every couple deserves a shot and that show is based on the love triangle. 
If I had to choose I'd say I'm team Damon (just because I wanna see a hot scene between him and Elena - and let's be honest that's what everyone wants to see ! lol) And let's not forget that it's just a show ! :) (and to be honest I'm drooling over Michael Trevino aka Tyler way more anyway bahahaha)

ANYWAY ! I'm gonna stop making myself looking like a crazy 14 year old girl and let you watch the tutorial and see the list of products ! 

This look is somewhere between Elena's make-up and Katherine's make-up. If you take off the lashes this is definitely more Elena's style but with the them it's more Katherine like. It's up to you to decide. :) 

List of products : 

- Face 
-- Shiseido Perfect Refining foundation
-- TEMPTU PRO s/b concealer wheel
-- CHANEL Sheer illuminating fluid in Sunkissed
-- Paris berlin Translucent powder 
-- Paris Berlin Pencil n°CR206
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadow in Omega and Copperplate 
-- Make Up For Ever blush n°10
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment in Vanilla

- Eyes
-- Urban Decay primer potion in Original
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadow in Omega and Blanc type
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye kohl in Smolder
-- NARS Larger than life long-wear eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte
-- Urban Decay Liquid liner in Perversion
-- Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (Verve, YDK and Black out used)
-- Dior eye shadow
-- Eyelure Naturalites Intense fake lashes
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Haute & Naughty lash mascara

- Lips 
-- Dior Addict Crystal gloss n°047
-- Make Up For Ever Blush n°10

Here is the tutorial for it : 

So are you team Damon, team Stefan, or none of them ? 

Thanks for watching and see you guys later ! :)


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