mardi 8 octobre 2013

A Game Of Thrones "Beyond the Wall" makeup tutorial

" Demons made of snow and ice and cold... The ancient enemy. The only enemy that matters. " 
Stannis Baratheon - AGOT 

I am a MASSIVE fan of A Game Of Thrones (AGOT). The HBO show, the books, everything about AGOT I love. Last summer I decided I wanted to start doing a new makeup series on my channel and I   knew what I wanted to do : AGOT series. 
This is the first look of the series that I will be doing the next following months. I will be doing a makeup tutorial for each house (Lannister, Stark, Martell,...). All the looks will be artistic and original (no wearable looks here). I'll get my inspiration from the house's words, coat of arms, region, ... I really hope you guys will enjoy all of them. 
These looks are probably gonna take me a long time to create and edit, so please be patient and don't wait for a look every week. 

List of products :

- Face
-- Temptu Pro Primer
-- Graftobian GlamAire air brush beauty makeup in White
-- Paris Berlin Translucent powder

- Eyes
-- Too Faced Shadow insurance
-- Peggy Sage Concealer in White
-- NYX Eye shadow trio n°1 (white, gray and black)
-- Bourjois Liquid liner in Black
-- Peggy Sage Lip liner in Lie de vin
-- Peggy Sage Lovely cils false lash illusion in Noir
-- Red Cherry Fake lashes n°203

- Skin design
-- Kryolan Aqua color in White
-- Bourjois Liquid liner in Black

- Lips
-- Peggy Sage Lip liner in Lie de vin
-- Nivea Lip butter

- Contact lenses : Phantasee fashion coloured contact lenses in Blue artist (opaque so they will look good on top of any natural eye color, easy to put on, can see through them nicely, very comfy, 1 year replacement)
I got mine here :

Here is the tutorial for this look : 

I hope you guys enjoyed ! I loved doing that look even if it took me forever to edit and all. I can't wait to do the next look for my A Game Of Thrones series ! 


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