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Romantic Bridal Wedding make-up tutorial ( Spring/Summer 2014)


Bridal season is very much here and I decided to create a "universal" makeup look to help you out on your big day ! If you're a makeup artist in the making, I hope that this will also help you. :)

I say "universal" classic beauty look because through the internet I can't advice you personally. I don't know your hair color, eye color, dress color,… and most importantly what you like and don't like. 
A perfect bridal makeup needs to be extremely personal so you can feel unique. So feel free to take some tips and tricks, leave some and include some new ones !

Tips for the brides-to-be

          One thing I didn't mention in this video is how important skincare is ! Especially on your wedding day because this is going to be a long day ladies ! :) 
Most people will tell you to sleep for a good 10 hours the night before, so you can look fresh on the big day... Reality ?! Most brides barely sleep because they are so stressed out ! lol 

What you can do is to exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 nights before your wedding day and apply a moisturizing mask the night before so your skin is as smooth as possible. (ps : you can do the exact same thing to your body)
A good toner, moisturizer, under-eye cream and lip balm are your best friends. (a great MUA should have all that for you if you don't or forgot something)
With all that your skin will be ready for some make-up. :) 

A wedding day is wonderful but it's a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Stressing out is not bad, it's normal ! Most brides will cry while they are getting ready because they are worried something won't be perfect. But you know what ? It's absolutely normal and I can assure you that everything will turn out to be just as perfect as you planned it to be. :) 

If you plan on hiring a professional make-up artist it's VERY important to book her at least 3 weeks before your wedding day. You need a trial day before the actual wedding day, just for you to be reassured about everything that is going to happen on the big day. (2 weeks before is good) If you have allergies this is also very important. 

And last but not least : please don't hire a $30 "instagram mua" to do your make-up. :( Hire a REAL professional make-up artist ! It's one of the biggest day of your life, if you can go fancy and the budget one day in your life, it's on that day ! 

I'm not saying that all make-up artists posting pictures on instagram are crap (some amazing mua are on there) but there are a lot of people who claim to be professional when they are just "make-up enthusiast" mixed with photoshop. 

Tips for the make-up artist : 

          Same as for the bride-to-be you're gonna be doing the make-up on, you are also going to be stressed out ! If everybody around is, you'll be too ! Keep in my mind that you are the professional here and you are the one taking responsibility on how the make-up will look at the end. 

Do not take anything bad a bride could say to you ! It is absolutely NOT personal. They are extremely stressed out and will sometimes need to de-stress and they'll do that on the first person who's next to them. So it can happen to be you ! 
Be nice and reassure her about what's happening. And don't ever (if it's your case) talk about how wonderful your own wedding was. She's the bride, she's the one who wants to be special ! 
And if the bride is a real pain, just try to keep it together until the end and think about how much you're getting paid. lol (It's very rare but some people are just natural a**holes and there is nothing you can do about it.)

Always have : disposable mascara wands, waterproof products (foundation, mascara,…), moisturizer, toner, make-up remover, … and avoid heavy glitters they do not look good on camera. 

If you are getting paid "nicely" brides love to have a little gift from their make-up artist. Usually the mascara you used or the lipstick. They will have it in their bag and use it daily and it will remind them of their wedding day, believe me it's A LOT appreciated. :) 

List of products

Face : 

- Givenchy Mister smooth - Smoothing primer
- Marc Jacobs Genius gel - super-charged foundation (10 Ivory light)
- Sisley Phyto cernes éclat - eye concealer with Botanical extracts n°1
- bareMinerals Stroke of light - eye brightener in Luminous 1
- Make Up For Ever Full cover - extreme camouflage cream n°4
- CHANEL Natural finish loose powder n°20
- M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Sculpting powder in Sculpt 
- M.A.C Cosmetics Pro longwear bronzing powder in Sun Dipped 
- Marc Jacobs Blush in Obsessed
- Diorskin Nude tan Transat Edition Golden Shimmer powder
- Dior Powder eyebrow pencil n°093 Black 
- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadow in Blackberry 
- Biguine makeup Clear mascara
- Sephora Long lasting brow pencil n°02 Medium 


- Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion - Anti-aging
- Benefit cosmetics High brow pencil 
- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadows in Blanc type, Yogurt, Naked lunch, Quarry, Shale and Sketch
- Maybelline Eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h n°01 Black
- CHANEL Le volume waterproof mascara n°10 Black
(feel free to apply some individual or flare fake lashes to complete your eye make-up if needed - Red Cherry Flare Fake lashes in Short, Medium and Long are cheap and perfect for that)


- M.A.C Cosmetics Lip pencil in Subculture
- Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick n°120 Desirable

Urban decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 

Here is the tutorial for this look : 

That's it guys ! Hope you enjoyed :) 


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