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Beauty Icon : Grace Kelly inspired make-up tutorial

Beauty Icon : Grace Kelly inspired make-up tutorial 

Today I'm doing a tutorial inspired by one of my all time favorite beauty icon : Grace Kelly (also known as a Princess of Monaco). 

She is to me, the most beautiful blonde actress ever in the cinema past and present. She was just pure grace and elegance. I'm a huge fan of her movies (even if I wish she did more !). "Rear Window" is in my top 10 all time favorite movies. She was such a wonderful actress and human being. 
Other movie I'm a huge fan of are :  
- "Dial M for Murder" (such a classic !)
- "Mogambo" (with the amazing Clark Gable and Ava Gardner - Ava is also one of my all time favorites she was just so beautiful and fun ! You should see her dance at the last ball Grace Kelly hold, she was dancing and flirting with people like if she was still 25 ! It makes me laugh every time I see the clip of it ! )
- "To Catch a Thief" (with Cary Grant - marry me now please !)

Grace Kelly was not only a great actress, she was also a wonderful human being. She is the one who inspired Princess Diana. She took part in a lot of humanitarian actions (she also hold charity balls) and she was in particular touched by sick children and old people. Let's not forget her love for her family. She brought back life and happiness to Monaco and to the life of her husband Reiner III, Prince of Monaco ; who had a quite "boring" childhood. A wonderful initiative she took, was to make movies of her family. Those are amazing to watch and you could really see how dedicated to her family she was (she had 3 children). 
She left Hollywood for her new life as the Princess of Monaco but never forgot her old friends (she invited them to Monaco and she also made movies of it with are very interesting to watch). She was a very melancholic person. 

She unfortunately died in a car accident in 1982 at the age of 52. On the 14th of September 2012, it will be 30 years since she passed away. Her funeral (which was of course filmed) is heartbreaking to watch.

For that tutorial I had my dear friend and model to help me recreating the look :)

List of products : 

- Face
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Primer
-- Graftobian HD cream foundation palette in Neutral
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrush foundation shade n°007
-- Bourjois Flower perfection New generation loose powder
-- Paris Berlin Translucent powder
-- Contour > M.A.C Cosmetics eye shadow in Omega 
-- Blush > Make Up For Ever Blush n°510
-- Paris Berlin Eye brow pencil in CS4

- Eyes 
-- Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
-- M.A.C Cosmetics eye shadows in Omega and Blanc type
-- Make Up For Ever eye shadow n°57
-- Make Up For Ever Eye seal 
-- NARS Eye shadow duo in Jolie Poupée
-- DiorShow Extase Mascara in Black 
-- Red Cherry Individual fake lashes (Flare medium black)

- Lips
-- SLA Lipstick (orangy-red) toned down with a bit of lip balm

Here is the tutorial for it : 

Talk to you guys later ! :) 


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