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Rita Hayworth 40's Glamour inspired make-up tutorial 

A little bit about Rita

Rita Hayworth, born Margarita Carmen Casino, was an american (of spanish heritage) actress and dancer. She was best known for her role in the 1946's movie "Gilda". She was crowned "the love goddess" back in the days. 
Although she mostly portrayed very glamorous and sexy characters in her movies, she was in real life a very shy and down to earth person. She never found true happiness and her love affairs (she got married and divorced 5 times) were all doomed to fail. 
She was formally an exquisite dancer since the early age of 4, when her father pushed her into dancing. Later on she became an actress. She never fully filmed the movies she wanted as the studios were keeping her "sexy and glamorous" style to the fullest. She wanted to be a drama actress. Most of her husbands controlled her life and career and mostly saw her as a trade mark. Some of her husbands even revealed to be physically abusive. 
She died at the age of 68 in 1987, of a newly discovered decease and still unknown to be cured by doctors : Alzheimer. She had 2 children. 
Her story is quite sad as she never got to pursue her true dream, finding love and being happy with her family and friends. 

Learn more about Rita Hayworth here :

Her make-up & Hair : 

Rita was a natural dark brunette though for commercials purposes she had her hair going from light brunette, blonde and red. She had gorgeous naturally very full wavy hair. It's unfortunate to say that because she had a very small squared forehead, she actually had some of her front hair removed which was extremely painful. 
Lisafreemontstreet ( youtube channel : ) did some hair tutorials which I advice you to watch. 

Rita had beautiful naturally healthy skin. Back then they were using a very heavy moisturizing cream (resembling vaseline) and stick foundation. She even became a spoke-person for Max factor. The ending look gave a semi-matte finish with an underneath glow. She had quite a square face but her heaviest contouring was around her nose. Her eye brows were very thin and elongated to her temples. Her eye make-up was very simple, she mainly wore a light warm brown eye shadow on her lids and a brownish/grey color closer to her lash line. She sometimes had a very thin eye liner on her top lash line and a light shadow on her lower lash line. She had full lashes which is why it's very important to either wear fake lashes or tones of mascara ! She had quite large and full lips and depending on her hair color she wore either a rosy red or orange red lipstick. When she became older she then wore a light orange peach lipstick. Blush wasn't the focus on her face, but she wore quite neutral shades. 

List of products : 

- Face
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Primer
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Concealer wheel 
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrush foundation n°004
-- TEMPTU PRO S/B Highlighter n°050
-- Paris Berlin Translucent powder 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadow in Omega
-- NARS Blush in Douceur
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Blush in Peaches
-- Paris Berlin Pencil n°CR 206 

- Eyes 
-- Urban Decay primer Potion in Original 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Eye shadows in Blanc type & Copperplate
-- Make Up For Ever Eye shadow n°164
-- Make Up For Ever Eye seal 
-- Paris Berlin Eye shadow in Matte black 
-- Red Cherry Individual fake lashes medium size
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Haute & Naughty lash mascara 

- Lips 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics Lipstick in Russian red
-- SLA Lipstick in Orange red
-- Rimmel Lipstick n°620
-- Make Up For Ever Star powder (shimmery white)

- Brushes used 
-- Sephora Foundation brush 
-- Urban Decay Double ended synthetic brush (Naked 2 palette)
-- M.A.C Cosmetics n°131duo-fibre brush 
-- Artist contour brush 
-- NARS n°13 blending brush 
-- SLA Eye brow brush 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics n°168 angled blush brush 
-- Sephora Large shadow brush 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics n°239 small shader brush 
-- M.A.C Cosmetics n°217 blending brush 
-- SLA n°4 small shader brush 
-- SLA n°8 large shader brush 
-- Studio Gear n°42 lip brush 

The tutorial is here 

Hope you enjoyed ! 
See you guys later ! :) 


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